Who We Are

Louis Leblanc

Founder, National Bank Financial,
Immigrant Investor Programs
Vice President and Managing Director,
National Bank of Canada

In 1986, Louis Leblanc, a seasoned trader on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange with a degree in economics from McGill University, joined with a team of government experts to create a program designed to bring entrepreneurs from other parts of the world to Quebec, Canada’s largest province.

This program proved so successful that it was emulated and expanded by the Government of Canada and has become a model for similar programs around the world.

Over the more than 20 years since the programs were introduced, Mr. Leblanc has earned an unequalled reputation for efficacy and integrity, and helped close to 7,000 investor families settle in Canada and become Canadian citizens.

Operating and enhancing the programs, with the backing of an exceptional team of highly trained professionals, is his principal occupation. Mr. Leblanc travels widely to serve clients and maintains active ties with a global network of agents and representatives.

To learn more about the National Bank Financial Immigrant Investor Programs and how NBF can help you build a long and successful career, please contact Mr. Leblanc directly.